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A debut novel of stunning originality. 


Ben’s fiancée, Sara, is missing. They had a brief layover on their way to Iowa to get married, just enough time to get their connecting flight. Sara rushed into the bathroom, and is never seen again. Her disappearance makes national headlines, but after an intensive search, there are no clues, no suspects, and no one knows what happened to her. Ben is forced to move on with his life. It is difficult, almost impossible, but there is no other choice.


Twenty years later, dogged by his past, his business in ruins, his life in chaos, a chance encounter leads Ben to believe he found Sara. His need for answers uncovers a shocking truth, and Ben is soon faced with a past he cannot bury, and future he cannot imagine.

“Impossible to put down. An exceptional thriller with an ending you’re not likely to forget anytime soon.”

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